Eric Christian Olsen of NCIS: Los Angeles warns fans, ‘Everything else is lying!’

Eric Christian Olsen, best known for his role as Marty Deeks on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, has issued a strong warning to his Instagram followers.

With the 12th season of NCIS: Los Angeles set to premiere on CBS before the end of the year, fans have been keeping up with the cast and crew on social media for updates on when characters like Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi Blye (Daniele Ruah) will return. However, as the stars’ popularity grew on social media, Olsen was forced to call out a fake account and warn his Instagram followers to stay away.

Throughout the lockdown imposed as a result of the c0r0nav1rus pand3mic, Olsen has kept his 509k Instagram followers up to date on what he’s been up to.

Olsen is no stranger to the social media platform, whether it’s updates on his wife Sarah’s pregnancy or adorable days out and homeschooling adventures with his children.

So when he discovered a fake account in his name, the NCIS: LA star didn’t hold back.

Taking to Instagram stories, he shared a screenshot of a fake account published by the actor’s fanpage.

The page, EricChristianOlsenFans, had issued a warning to its followers: “Please be aware that this is a bogus account! Eric’s sole Twitter handle is @EricOlsen!!!”

Similarly enraged, Olsen shared the post to his stories along with his own statement.

“Warning!” exclaimed the actor. “I have only one account!”

“Everything else is a lie, a cheat, a scum of the earth!”

To avoid any confusion, the Marty Deeks star encouraged his followers to report the suspicious account.

This isn’t the first time the actor has sh0ck3d his Instagram followers in recent weeks.

Olsen joined his wife earlier this month to share exciting baby news as she enters the final term of her pregnancy.

Sarah, his wife, began the update by saying, “I’m very excited to now be full-term, and we’re anticipating this baby every day.”

“Before I go back to work would be nice,” Olsen joked, though NCIS: LA has since resumed production following the update.

“I’d like to see and hang out with the baby,” he added.

“Just so we don’t have to keep saying ‘the baby,'” Sarah continued.

“I figured now would be a good time to let everyone know what we’re having.”

The adorable couple then debated who would inform their fans about their baby’s gender reveal.

“We’re having a girl,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star revealed.

Following the news, the pair’s followers, friends, and colleagues alike inundated them both with messages of congratulations.

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