In Real Life, Tom Selleck Refers to This ‘Blue Bloods’ Actor as ‘Son’

For many years, Tom Selleck has played Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. Frank has two sons, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes). In real life, the actor joked about calling one of the other actors “son.”

In real life, Tom Selleck refers to this ‘Blue Bloods’ actor as his’son.’

It’s not surprising that the Blue Bloods cast is like a family after working together for over ten years. The actors do not always get to appear in scenes together, but the Reagans film the dinner scenes together for each episode. In a new interview, Selleck discussed Wahlberg.

“I refer to him as my son,” Selleck told Entertainment Tonight. “‘Hello, son,’ I say every time I see him.” ‘Hello, dad,’ he says.

Blue Bloods has lasted longer than Magnum P.I., which helped Selleck become famous. The cop show will have 12 seasons, while the private investigator show will have 8 seasons. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else for as long as I did Magnum,” Selleck said.

Donnie Wahlberg once described directing Tom Selleck as “intimidating.”

Wahlberg is mostly known for his acting, but he did direct one episode of Blue Bloods. This is the season 4 episode “Manhattan Queens,” in which Danny and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) investigate the murd3r of a popular drag queen. The most difficult aspect of the job, according to the actor, was directing Selleck.

“I think I’m wise enough to realize you don’t really direct Tom,” he told So, what did he end up doing instead?

“I just approached it from an actor’s perspective, giving Tom the comfort and space to do what he felt comfortable doing and then just sort of adding some little finishing touches from there,” he explained. “Tom is such a control freak.”

Wahlberg explained that he didn’t come with the intention of telling Selleck how to approach his scenes. “He comes up with 500 ideas a week before you even sit down with him,” he said. “That demonstrates how dedicated he is to his work.”

Both Selleck and Wahlerg are enthusiastic about reprising their ‘Blue Bloods’ roles.

Some actors would be willing to leave a show after 11 seasons. However, Selleck and Wahlberg have discussed doing another season.

“I just know we’re having more fun on the show than we’ve ever had,” Wahlberg told “It’s still the number one show on Friday nights after ten years, and it’s been a fantastic run, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.”

Selleck made an audacious claim about Blue Bloods lasting even longer. “I don’t believe there is an end point,” he said to People. “I believe there is a lot of life in the show as long as you allow your characters to grow and mature.”

They both got what they wanted, and Blue Bloods will return for a 12th season. Hopefully, Danny and Frank will have a touching episode so that fans can see the actors’ close relationship.

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