“NCIS: Los Angeles”: Here’s what we know about “Hetty’s” past

Spoiler alert for all “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans! The 11th season of “Navy CIS: Los Angeles” premiered on CBS on September 29, 2019. “Navy CIS: L.A.” – Fan favorite “Hetty” is also back. The new season will reveal a lot about the background of the NCIS team’s leader.

Following the return of “Hettys” (Linda Hunt, 74) in the final episode of the tenth season of “Navy CIS: L.A,” the boss of the Californian NCIS returns in the new season. One episode will deal specifically with “Hetty’s” backstory, which we already know a lot about.

The episode’s script was written by a series actor, none other than Linda Hunt’s colleague Eric Christian Olsen (42). He appears in “NCIS: Los Angeles” as “Merty Deeks.”

But, what is “Hetty’s” backstory? Before the episode aired, “Express” and “TVLine” had already gathered some information about the biography of the series’ recently returned character. This knowledge was gained through retrospectives and other episodes.

“Navy CIS: L.A.”: “Hetty’s” History

“NCIS: L.A.” fans had already learned a lot about “Hetty’s” life before she became the operations manager for “Navy CIS: L.A.” in 2008. It’s unclear whether these will be included in the “Hetty” episode.

In 1948, she was born in a refugee camp in Budapest, Hungary. She earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science. She previously worked in the Los Angeles field office before joining Navy CIS: L.A.

“Hetty’s” time as a former CIA employee in 1963 could be interesting for the episode, which reveals her backstory. She was the boss of “Clara Callen,” the mother of “Navy CIS: L.A” agent “G Callen” at the time (Chris O’Donnell, 49). After “Clara” d1ed during surgery, she kept an eye on “G,” trained him as an agent, and kept him out of trouble.

The incident in 1968 when she approached the Vietnamese Prime Minister could also be an interesting topic for the episode. However, whether the speculations can be confirmed remains to be seen.

The episode’s release date has yet to be determined. However, because it has already been written, it should not take long. According to “Express,” the episode will air in the first half of the 11th season, at least in the United States. It is unknown when the consequences will befall us.

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