NCIS: What Kensi and Deeks moment broke Daniela Ruah’s heart? ‘Couldn’t stop crying,’ she said

NCIS LA fans adore Kensi and Deeks’s on-screen romance. But which scene made Daniela Ruah the most emotional?

Fans of NCIS: Los Angeles will recall that Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) and Marty Deeks have had their fair share of dramatic moments (Eric Christian Olsen). However, star Daniela Ruah has revealed that there was one scene in particular that made her cry uncontrollably.

What Kensi and Deeks scene made Daniela Ruah cry?

There’s no denying that fans of NCIS Los Angeles adore the show’s romantic storyline involving Kensi and Deeks.

Their romance has grown over the years since Deeks joined near the end of season one.

This resulted in their much-anticipated wedding on the show in season 10, which was one of the show’s highlights for viewers.

In an interview with TV Insider before filming the wedding, the actors revealed their favorite scenes.

Among the highlights for Eric Christian Olsen was the pair’s real first kiss, which occurred in season four.

“Deeks comes at her and kisses her, saying, ‘How’s that for communication?'” he recalled.

While Ruah admitted she enjoyed their first fake kiss in season three, when they had to pose as a married couple undercover.

“It definitely sparked something in the characters,” she told the publication.

During the interview, Ruah did, however, reveal which scene between the duo she found the most difficult to film.

She discussed how the heartbreaking season nine finale was one of her most emotional moments.

“The fight in the parking lot?” she asked. What caused the breakup? In the table read, I couldn’t stop crying.”

Viewers will recall their altercation in the parking lot, which occurred after the pair had discussed how they could balance their lives while working on NCIS.

Deeks had been pressuring Kensi to agree that their next mission would be their last and that they would leave the team.

This all came to a head in episode 23 when they met in a parking lot and confronted each other about their feelings on the subject.

Kensi admitted she couldn’t see herself leaving the team in the near future, sparking a heated debate between the two.

“The longer we stay in, the more likely it is that this will end really badly for us,” Deeks explained. “Are you aware of this?”

He told her that if they got out, they could have a wonderful life together, just the two of them, and that they should consider having children.

“I can’t give that to you without lying to you or compromising who I am, and I will never do that to either of us,” Kensi said.

But Deeks responded, “Then I don’t think we should get married.”

Thankfully, when Season 10 began, the couple reconciled, which set up their beautiful wedding.

Both Kensi and Deeks will return to the hit drama series for Season 12 later this year.

As a result, fans will be hoping for more emotional scenes between the two in the series.

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