Rocky Carroll on NCIS: Having A Previous Relationship With Mark Harmon Was A Big Help

“NCIS,” starring Mark Harmon, is in its 18th season on CBS, and actor Rocky Carroll remembers thinking to himself when he jumped in for the fifth season that he was happy to be joining a hit show at the end of its run. He had no idea that the next decade of his life would be devoted to this hit show.

Carroll plays Director Leon Vance on the show, and he directed the new episode of “NCIS” called Gut Punch, which aired on Tuesday. Carroll spoke with CBS Local about what it was like to direct again, how a previous relationship with Harmon helped him get this job, and why this show is so popular.

“When I’m behind the camera at work, I’ve been given a nickname.” “I’m now Director Director because I play the director and I am the director,” Carroll explained to DJ Sixsmith of CBS Local. “This all started about five years ago.” I was intrigued, so I asked the producers if I could shadow the director. I’d been toying with the idea of directing. My first shot came about six weeks later. I guess I did something right because I now have 10 or 11 episodes of “NCIS” under my belt.

Over 300 episodes of “NCIS” have featured the actor and director. When he directs, he enjoys working with the actors, and Carroll has known the show’s star, Harmon, since the 1990s.

“I was fortunate because I had a long relationship with CBS before NCIS came on my radar,” Carroll said. “I had previously worked on several CBS shows.” Mark Harmon and I first met on “Chicago Hope” in the 1990s. For three seasons, we were both cast members of “Chicago Hope.” The next time I saw him was at the conclusion of season five of “NCIS.” My audition was more about Mark Harmon saying, ‘I know this guy, I like him, you should hire him,’ than it was about me auditioning.

Carroll relished the challenge of joining a popular show near the end of its fifth season and transforming Director Vance into a three-dimensional character with many layers.

“Over time, despite being the organization’s leader, he becomes a member of the team,” Carroll said. “The writers gave me a lot of leeway on that.” Having a prior relationship with Mark Harmon was also extremely beneficial. We just have a good time going back and forth. The incredible thing is that I joined the cast of this show at the tail end of season five, and I literally thought to myself that I had arrived on the tail end of a really good thing. At the very least, I can say that I’ll be here for the final two seasons. “That was 14 years ago.”

NCIS: Mark Harmon Uses One Word to Describe Agent Gibbs

Mark Harmon is the distinguished and endearing actor who plays the tough-guy Agent Gibbs. On NCIS, he plays a dedicated investigator with a golden heart and a set of famous, mostly unbreakable rules.

NCIS has been on the air since 2003, so many actors have come and gone (and come back… Yes, Cote de Pablo, we’re looking at you, reminiscing about your triumphant return).

Though the show has had its fair share of newcomers, Harmon has been with the show since the beginning. And, based on everything he’s said about the series, he has no plans to leave anytime soon. Not to mention that, as the face of the entire franchise, his departure would almost certainly be the one exit that the show could not survive.

After playing Gibbs for so long, the actor has discovered the nuances to his character, the many shades that some television characters never get to embody, because procedural cr1me dramas aren’t usually the place for character-driven work; however, NCIS is an exception. The characters’ relationships, their emotionally stirring histories, present concerns, and future concerns are what keep viewers coming back for more.

Mark Harmon spoke with Larry King about his role on NCIS. More specifically, to delve into his character, his family life, his relationships with his co-stars, and his understanding of the famous Leroy Jethro Gibbs. When asked to describe Gibbs, Harmon had only one word.

Agent Gibbs on ‘NCIS’ was described as “complex” by Mark Harmon.

Given that Mark Harmon has played Gibbs for so many seasons, it’s unlikely that a slew of adjectives would suffice to capture everything Gibbs is. The character is far from your average two-dimensional TV personality, as he is sometimes mentally tortured and other times lighthearted and jocular. As a result, when Larry King asked Mark Harmon how he sees Gibbs, he used the word “complex.” Mark Harmon elaborated later, saying:

“I’ve always said that I prefer the character’s underbelly to the rest of it.” I like his flaws, and they keep doing it, keeping pushing on that. He’s an unsettling character with a dark past.” – Mr. Larry King

King and Harmon continued to go into great detail about Gibbs. Harmon explains that Gibbs is content with his job, but that he is “alone at night by himself.” Unlike many others, the character is undeniably “complex.” Though vague, it’s no surprise that Harmon chose this word before elaborating, as it alluded to the role’s three-dimensionality.

Mark Harmon discusses his role as an executive producer on ‘NCIS.’

Several seasons ago, Mark Harmon was promoted to executive producer on NCIS. When asked about the responsibilities that came with the position, Harmon explained that not much had changed.

Harmon stated that he and the other cast members are all allowed to speak up when they believe a choice is inappropriate for their character. NCIS has a very open and accepting behind-the-scenes environment, which allows everyone on the show to maintain a necessary level of input and control.

“I think my input is about the same,” Mark Harmon said when asked if he had “more input.” “I think everyone has the same amount of input on this show,” he says, describing it as a blessing and an unconventional approach to network TV shows. Those in front of and behind the camera respect one another and listen to one another’s opinions, which is likely one of the many reasons the show is still so popular.

Is Mark Harmon Making a Comeback on ‘NCIS’? Inside the Major Hint That Convinces Fans That Gibbs Is Returning!

Mark Harmon’s tenure as Leroy Jethro Gibbs came to an end in the fourth episode of NCIS season 19. He didn’t, did he? It appears that the 70-year-time old’s on the popular CBS procedural has come to an end. But one major clue, according to some fans, has them convinced Gibbs is returning.

‘Great Wide Open,’ was the title of Mark Harmon’s final episode.

Gibbs finally found peace and said goodbye to his team after 18+ seasons and over 400 episodes. Harmon’s final episode as the star of television’s most-watched drama was Season 19, Episode 4 titled “Great Wide Open.”

The episode concluded with Gibbs and McGee (Sean Murray) fly fishing, with the special agent informing his protege that he would be staying in Alaska rather than returning to NCIS in Washington DC.

“I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to keep an eye on me for the past 18 years than you, Tim,” Gibbs said to McGee.

The last image fans saw of Gibbs was him in his waders, casting his line while smiling.

The ‘NCIS’ team is still missing Gibbs.

There have been significant changes at NCIS in the episodes since Gibbs’ departure. Alden Parker, Gary Cole’s agent, has taken over the team. But Gibbs remains a looming presence, and his absence is felt by all.

Kasie Hines, a forensic scientist, has been greatly affected by Gibbs’ departure (Diona Reasonover). Kasie was recently revealed to have been attending Krav Maga classes for weeks, and she’s also looking for a gun.

Kasie explained to Palmer (Brian Dietzen) that after contract k1ll3r Paul Lemere (Jason Wiles) kidnapped her (in the episode “Nearly Departed”) and being kidnapped in season 17, she was left wondering WWGS — what would Gibbs say?

“I was saved by Gibbs both times, so it’s on me when strike three occurs,” she explains.

‘NCIS’ fans have discovered a clue that leads them to believe Mark Harmon will return.

It’s been more than a month since Harmon’s departure in episode four. However, fans have noticed that he is still in the NCIS opening credits, which many believe indicates that Gibbs’ final appearance on the show has not occurred.

“Gibbs is still in the opening credits…which means I don’t think he’s left the series entirely… “He’ll return at some point,” one fan predicted.

“Hm…,” said another. Until they change the intro, I don’t think Gibbs is completely out of NCIS.” A third fan speculated that “Mark Harmon will return for an episode sometime this season.”

“He’s still in the opening credits, doing the ‘Stay tuned…’.” Also, he’s left and returned several times #NCIS,” the fan wrote.

The showrunner of ‘NCIS’ hinted that Gibbs might return.

On the same night that Harmon’s final episode aired, showrunner Steve Binder issued a statement indicating that Gibbs would return.

“As an executive producer and dear friend, Mark remains a vital part of the show’s fabric.” “Our north star has always been staying true to our characters, and that truth has always guided the stories we tell and the places those characters go,” Binder explained.

“In terms of Gibbs’ future, as long-time fans of the show may have noticed over the years… Never underestimate Leroy Jethro Gibbs.”

Gary Cole’s Agent Parker isn’t attempting to impersonate Mark Harmon’s Gibbs.

Cole is a seasoned performer who is no stranger to “dropping in on shows.” Coming in as the new lead on a series that’s been on the air for nearly two decades, on the other hand, is definitely something new. Cole, on the other hand, insists that he’s “not trying to be Gibbs.”

“Parker isn’t particularly chatty, but he’s more verbal.” “He’s not as old school; he tries to get his hands on new tech gadgets and impress everyone,” Cole explained to TV Line. “He’s attempting to blend in with the rest of the team.” Although he is hesitant to admit it, he admires Gibbs’ willingness to break the rules. Parker flexes them. We’ll see if it reaches the breaking point.”

On NCIS, the Darkest Thing Gibbs Has Ever Done

Listen, we all know that Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) of NCIS follows a strict set of rules, but that doesn’t mean he always follows them. The NCIS Team Commander has a mysterious past that his coworkers and fans have gradually learned about over the course of the show’s nearly two-decade run. And the deeper we’ve gone down the Gibbs rabbit hole, the more we’ve discovered about his troubled past.

While there are many gruesome incidents both on and off the screen, one stands out above the rest. At first glance, picking the darkest action Gibbs has ever taken appears to be a difficult task. During any one season of NCIS, the former Marine Corps sniper and long-time law enforcement officer has found himself in more insane situations than most people do in their entire lives. However, one incident from Gibbs’ past clearly haunts him greatly.

While fans of the show will have their own opinions on the darkest thing they’ve ever seen Gibbs do, one storyline in particular stands out for us.

Gibbs exacted bloody vengeance on the man who murd3red his wife and daughter.

Long-time NCIS viewers may take Gibbs’ gruff and cold demeanor for granted, but there’s a reason he’s the way he is. Gibbs had a wife, Shannon (Darby Stanchfield), and a daughter, Kelly, prior to the start of the series (Mary Mouser). Both were assassinated by a cartel member named Pedro Hernandez (Thomas Rosales Jr.), against whom Shannon was about to testify. Their d3aths had a profound impact on Gibbs, as Harmon stated in an interview with TV Guide “His memory of great loss is not something that the writers, I, or anyone else expects him to overcome. It’s too in-depth.”

It took a long time for the rest of the NCIS team to discover this sad fact about Gibbs, and even longer for them to discover the other terrible truth about the situation. In retaliation for the murd3r, Gibbs tracked down and k1ll3d Hernandez. While it’s difficult not to sympathize with Gibbs’ desire for vengeance, he is a career military and law enforcement veteran, and extrajudicial execution is a serious offense. Someone with Gibbs’ experience should understand that taking justice into one’s own hands is a slippery slope that can lead to disaster.

It’s likely that Gibbs is aware of this, which is why he kept his involvement in Hernadez’s murd3r a secret for so long.

For decades, Gibbs kept the Hernandez murd3r a secret.

One of the clearest signs that Gibbs’ murd3r of Hernandez was the darkest moment in his life is that it took him decades to tell any of his NCIS colleagues about it. Fans, too, had to wait three seasons to find out. Shannon and Kelly’s existence was not revealed until the beginning of season 3, and viewers did not learn about Hernandez’s fate until the two-part season finale.

Abby (Pauley Perrette) discovers Gibbs’ secret by accident in the final episodes of season 7. The discovery comes as a complete surprise to her, and she is paralyzed by indecision over whether to expose Gibbs or assist him in keeping his secret. Finally, Abby writes a report about Gibbs’ role in Hernadez’s d3ath, which leads to the discovery of several other NCIS higher-ups.

Even after the secret is revealed, it remains on a need-to-know basis. In fact, some of the later additions to the NCIS team, such as Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham), don’t find out until the season 16 episode “…and Executioner.” All of the secrecy indicates that Gibbs is aware of how dark he became when he decided to exact revenge on Hernandez.

How Gibbs’ bleak past has shaped his personality

While most viewers were taken aback by the news of Gibbs’ vengeance k1ll1ng, in retrospect, it’s not surprising that Gibbs has some serious darkness in his past. The list of trag3d1es he’s been through may be long, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say the murd3r of your wife and child is likely near the top of the list for anyone.

Fans have known Gibbs as a quiet man who is more than a little frigid to those around him since the initial NCIS backdoor pilot that was part of JAG. One of Gibbs’ personality traits is his reluctance to get too close to people. This is evident in many of his interactions with his fellow NCIS agents, some of whom he has known for years. Although he is not completely closed off to people like Abby and McGee (Sean Murray), it takes him a long time to open up to them about things other than work. Despite the fact that we know he had a string of ex-wives after Shannon, we rarely see him engage romantically, and when there are sparks, such as with Dr. Jack Sloane (Maria Bello), he seems hesitant to act on them.

Fans have always known Gibbs as the steely quiet type, which is not surprising for someone who tragically lost their wife and daughter and has lived their life carrying a huge secret. Watching him deal with the darkness in his past is just one of the many things that keeps NCIS interesting after all these years.

EXCLUSIVE: It’s time to return to civilian life! Mark Harmon, the retired NCIS star, walks his dogs and does some heavy lifting around his L.A home for the first time since leaving his role as beloved Special Agent Gibbs

Mark Harmon has been spotted for the first time since leaving NCIS after 18 seasons.

The 70-year-old actor was spotted outside his Los Angeles home doing some heavy lifting and household chores, according to

The veteran actor and former Sexiest Man Alive was spotted just one day after his beloved character Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs made his final appearance on the hit show.

The silver-haired father-of-two appears to be keeping busy during his acting retirement, as he walked his dogs, brought out trash cans, and wheeled in a large box delivered to his home.

Mark Harmon was spotted walking his two dogs near his Los Angeles home, his first sighting since leaving NCIS.

The veteran actor and former Sexiest Man Alive was spotted bringing a box into his house the day after his beloved character Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs made his final appearance on the hit show.

Mark insisted on bringing the large box into his house on his own and refused help from the delivery man

Mark insisted on bringing the box inside by himself, bringing down his own transportation trolley and licking his fingers before wheeling it inside.

The actor turned down all offers of assistance from the delivery man.

Mark, who has been married to Mork & Mindy star Pam Dawber for 34 years, was dressed casually in denim jeans, a sweater, and suede shoes.

Later that day, he was seen walking his two dogs around the neighborhood.

Producer Steve Binder confirmed Mark’s departure in a statement earlier this month, but clarified that he would remain an executive producer on the CBS show.

‘As an executive producer and dear friend, Mark remains an integral part of the show’s fabric,’ Binder said.

‘Our north star has always been staying true to our characters, and that truth has always guided the stories we tell and the places our characters go.’

‘In terms of Gibbs’ future, as long-time fans of the show may have noticed over the years… ‘Never underestimate Leroy Jethro Gibbs,’ Binder concluded.

Mark, who has been married to Mork & Mindy alum Pam Dawson for 34 years, was casually dressed in denim jeans, a sweater and suede shoes

Producer Steve Binder released a statement earlier this month confirming Mark’s exit, but clarified he would still be an executive producer on the CBS show

Despite leaving the show as an actor, producer Mark Binder said ‘As an executive producer and dear friend, Mark continues to be an integral part of the fabric of the show’

Harmon’s final episode on the show saw Gibbs solving a case involving a conglomerate CEO hiring a contract k1ll3r to eliminate opponents of a copper mine.

When Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) offered Gibbs his badge back, Gibbs revealed he was leaving the agency, opting to stay in Alaska, where he’d been for the past few episodes.

In the episode, FBI Agent Parker (Gary Cole) paid a visit to Gibbs’ home after he went missing, telling Timothy McGee (Sean Murray),’something tells me he’s not coming back.’

NCIS was a spin-off of CBS’ JAG, both of which were created by Donald P. Bellisario, which ran for 10 seasons between 1995 and 2005

There were rumors that Mark would not return for the 19th season, but it’s now believed that he did because he learned CBS might not renew the show if he didn’t.

NCIS was a CBS spin-off of JAG, both of which were created by Donald P. Bellisario and aired for ten seasons between 1995 and 2005.

NCIS: Los Angeles, which debuted in 2009 and is currently in its 13th season, NCIS: New Orleans, which was canceled after seven seasons, and NCIS: Hawaii, which debuted this fall, are all CBS spin-offs.

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